CHINA INTERNET CENSORSHIP CRACKDOWN – China To Crack Down on Social Media Accounts


CHINA INTERNET CENSORSHIP CRACKDOWN – China To Crack Down on Social Media Accounts

Reading the news while on my university campus in the United States, I joked with friends in Beijing that it had reminded me of a proverb we learned in elementary school that tells the story of a man who tries to steal a large copper bell from a house. To carry it away, he decided to break it into pieces with a hammer, but feared the noise might alarm its owner. So he plugged his ears, believing it would muffle the sound for other people. China is the world’s second-biggest film market, and Hollywood studios have started reaping profits from selling content to sites such as Youku Tudou, Baidu’s iQIYI, and Tencent. But negotiating its regulatory environment can be tricky, and censorship of movies online would make the market more challenging.

“The government wants to make sure it has oversight over all content that is shown online, and it was always obvious that they would extend the crackdown on TV dramas to features,” said the source.

Some of China’s largest Internet companies deleted more than 60,000 online accounts because their names did not conform to regulations due to take effect on Sunday, the top Internet regulator said.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Tencent Holdings Ltd, Baidu Inc, Sina Corp affiliate Weibo Corp and other companies deleted the accounts in a cull aimed at “rectifying” online names, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said.

The purge These failed attempts have included trying to force users to register for online services using their real names. China’s Internet censorship agency released a theme song in which its employees lauded their “loyalty and devotion” to a censored Internet where “each individual represents the whole nation.”

The Cyberspace Administration of China recently debuted the song, entitled “The Mind and Spirit of Cyberspace Security,” at a Lunar New Year celebration organized by the Beijing Internet Association and attended by many of the country’s leading figures.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lauded the virtues of socialism during a recent meeting with Lu Wei, the czar of China’s draconian Internet censorship system. china “social media” censorship leader internet theme cyber cyberspace chinese “theme song” official firewall “cyber security” restriction blog blogger information knowledge freedom speech happy account register truth news media “we the people” people movement voice mass journalism journalist entertainment party politics “new world order” demo song 2015 2016 tech technology “elite nwo agenda” daboo77 rawdogletard montagraph exposed we are change anonymous rant bilderberg 2015 riots protest unrest prepper population hong kong umbrella movement made in china alex jones infowars david icke jsnip4 g4t glenn beck

Having previously met with State Department official Catherine Novelli, who urged the two countries to “work together as friends” on web security, Wei paid a visit to Facebook’s SIlicon Valley offices despite the fact that the social networking website is completely banned in China. china ratchet daily

During the meeting, Wei discovered a book written by Chinese President Xi Jinping called “The Governance of China” sitting on Zuckerberg’s office desk, leading Zuckerberg to comment, “I’ve bought this book for my co-workers. I want them to understand socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

But it’s unlikely that mass demonstrations would take place anyway considering that even students of Beijing University, where the 1989 protests originated, are completely in the dark on the significance of today’s date due to the Communist Party’s success in eradicating free speech. Internet users in China who use virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent the country’s Internet censorship system, known as the “Great Firewall,” found the services blocked or only intermittently available Friday, in what analysts see as part of an increasingly vigorous online censorship campaign in the country.

Users of many VPN services in the country reported difficulty accessing the services Friday. The popular service Golden Frog posted an update on its blog confirming that users were experiencing problems.

China blocks a large number of popular websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and those that the authorities deem to contain politically sensitive material, such as information about the 1989 Tiananmen Square killings, or unflattering news stories about Chinese government figures. The websites of several Western news outlets, including the New York Times and BBC have also been blocked at times.

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